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Sell thousands of TemplateMonster templates at your website with 1 click!

JTM Reseller is a turnkey solution running on a world leading free open-source management system. With it you can establish your own custom templates store at your website.

One of primary goals JTM Reseller is to provide you a possibility to quickly  create and set-up your own branded templates store full of ready-made high-quality websites templates. At the same time your store itself should not look and be "generic". It is often important to quickly offer the client the set of inexpensive and ready to the use website templates. It's obvious that none of clients will never be satisfied by website templates of poor quality. TemplateMonster and JTM Reseller makes it easy for you to solve this problem quickly and with the least effort. TemplateMonster offers you a wide variety of more than 30000 professional high-quality templates. Average buyer of an inexpensive website would be happy with any of them.

Short list of JTM Reseller's advantages

  • 1-click install
  • International currencies
  • Live currency quotes for conversion are received from ECB in real time
  • Semi-automated META keywords/description generation from info being displayed
  • 30000+ templates for sale
  • New templates every day
  • TemplateMonster affiliate program is one of the most profitable on the Internet. The company pays resellers a compensation at a rate of 20% per every sale. You can withdraw money once your account balance reaches USD100.
  • You have full control over your store
  • Very easy to work with

Your custom store

Possibilities of TemplateMonster API and Joomla helps us to make it possible for you to give fantastically wide variety of different designs. All websites templates are sorted by category, style and type. While adjusting store for your specific needs you can publish and unpublish any categories, styles or types of templates at your store. You can also manage if any templates by particular author are published or not, or enable/disable different types of template sources.

The JTM Reseller component gives you a possibility to adjust output of templates page or single template details page. You can set up an output of different parts of the template information just by making settings in admin panel; price display, amount of pages, template categories, type, style etc.. Options were added to control output of virtually any piece of the template information. There's also a set of advanced options for fine-tuning of popup preview. You can adjust preview effect length and type of effect, the size of the image and other parametres of website template popup preview. You can even make preview to be opened in a modal window with a minimum effort!

JTM Modules

JTM Reseller comes with a few modules. There were more in the past, and some  those may get back in the future releases. But for now there are just a search module and a "list" module. The search module helps to quickly search for templates if you do not use the list module or would like to provide extra search capabilities to your visitors. "List" module is a module to output list of published templates categories, styles or types as HTML list. You can easily organize it with CSS as any other part of your Joomla website template.


You can find more specific information in the Information section of website. If you need support with JTM Reseller, first please try to look at support forum; it is highly possible that someone has solved your problem. If not, then you are more than welcomed to report a new one.


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